Getting Past the Fear - Ebook

Nancy Stordahl
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Have you heard the words, you have cancer?

Have you also heard the words, you need chemotherapy?

Are you feeling stunned, overwhelmed and afraid?

If so, Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy can help.

About Getting Past the Fear:

If you are facing chemotherapy for the first time, I want to help you get past your fear. If we can’t talk face-to-face, reading Getting Past the Fear is the next best thing.

Getting Past the Fear contains practical suggestions for getting your mind in a better place before you begin treatment. Loved ones of those beginning chemo will also find it helpful. It’s a quick and easy read with lots of useful advice.

Some of the topics covered in the ebook:

  • The importance of acknowledging your true feelings
  • Tips for self-advocating
  • How to cope with hair loss
  • How to buy a wig
  • What will the first day of chemo be like?
  • What to expect during chemotherapy
  • Looking forward
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